Malaria – Diagnostics and treatment

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An online course about malaria diagnostics and treatment. Ethiopian Dr Rebecca Tafesse Bogale from Soddo Christian Hospital in Ethiopia give lectures about how to diagnose and treat malaria. You as a participant will be presented to, and by help of the lectures, solve several real malaria cases. The cases will be presented step by step that is very similar to as if you yourself handled the patient.

All fees goes to the trust of Soddo Christian Hospital Ethiopia, Saint Luke’s foundation.

Course length: About 1,5 hour lecturers + 2,5 hour working with cases.
This course is for: General practitioners in Sweden who’s curious about malaria treatment.
Teacher: General Practitioner Rebecca Tafesse Bogale from Soddo Christian Hospital. Infectious specialist Joakim Aronsson, Soddo Hospital/Clinic of infectious diseases County Hospital of Ryhov, Sweden.

Disclaimer: The content in this course is not alone enough for treatment decisions in real malaria cases. All prescription of drugs, doses, and medical decisions must be based om WHO and local government guidelines.