Rebecca Tafesse Bogale

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Rebecca Tafesse Bogale


Jag gör kursen Malaria – diagnostics and treatment

I am a General Practitioner (GP) from Ethiopia and also doing my masters in Global health at Karolinska Institutet. I have 3 years of experience as a GP at Soddo Christian hospital in rural Ethiopia were I worked in different departments, mainly the emergency room, outpatient Department, pediatrics ward and internal medicine ward. I also have some experience in hospital administration, I worked as the Vice medical director and then medical director of SCH for about a year and half.

Working as a doctor in rural Ethiopia and seeing many conditions that are mainly from weak health systems and poverty, I have developed a passion for public health. I would like to pursue a career in public health, specifically on disease prevention and health promotion and hopefully contribute to my country and Africa as a whole.

I have come to enjoy walking in the woods and to one of the lakes in Stockholm. I also enjoy lazy Saturday mornings with music and late breakfasts.

Malaria is rarely encountered in Sweden, why should a doctor go this course on how to treat Malaria?
The chances are very low for doctors to see a case of malaria here in Sweden, therefore the possibility of misdiagnosis is higher on the rare occasions that they do. Furthermore, Swedish doctors planning to work in one of the malaria endemic areas might be nervous about diagnosing and treating malaria. This course will help Swedish doctors understand the diagnosis and treatment of malaria both in resource limited settings and here in Sweden. Going through the case presentations from Ethiopia will also give insight on the challenges and opportunities of working in these settings and hopefully give a bit more confidence in the clinical practice for malaria.

I am also excited about this course since the profits from it are going to Soddo Christian hospital. Being a nonprofit hospital, it will help us treat our patients with minimum costs to them.